If you have a product idea and don't know how to manufacture it, Cris Hawkins Consulting can help you. We specialize in Electro-Mechanical design and are experienced in many different manufacturing methods. Product development is proprietary so we are not able to discuss the details, but some of the products we have helped develop include a small Data Acquisition Instrument (with an Embedded Microcontroller), an electronic device with digital sound recording capability (where a Plastic Injection Mold was incorporated), and various other electronic/mechanical products.

Cris Hawkins Consulting is currently developing several other products. These include:

          Mini-step Driver for High Current Stepper Motor applications
          Benchtop Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Tool
          Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Hot Wire Foam Cutter
          Aircraft Lofting Software (in cooperation with DreeseCode Software)

Keep an eye on these pages for more details as they become available!

5034 Inglewood Drive
Langely, WA   98260

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