Cris Hawkins Consulting can design Motion Control Systems ranging from simple pneumatic cylinders with micro-switches for position information to the more complex Computer Controlled Systems with Hall Effect or Optical Position Sensors. We can also design and manufacture a custom electric motor for you.

We are expert in the application of Stepper Motors for accurate, computer controlled motion. Stepper Motors are a simple, versatile, and inexpensive solution to Motion Control. When comparing Stepper Motors to Servo Systems we have found three major differences, albeit at a significantly higher cost for Servo Systems. First, the most obvious is that Servo Systems are closed loop. Therefore correct position is guaranteed. Second, Servo Systems can have greater smoothness and resolution. Finally, they usually have higher band-width, meaning they have a broader speed range. At Cris Hawkins Consulting we have addressed these issues, and through creative engineering, have designed Stepper Motor systems that significantly reduce these disparities (even eliminated them in some cases), all while maintaining the relative economy of Stepper Motors.

We can also design and manufacture an electric motor that is tailored to your specific needs. If your requirements are for a large or small, high speed or low speed, Permanent Magnet (PM) or Variable Reluctance (VR), Stepper, DC, or Brushless DC motor, Cris Hawkins Consulting has experience with them all.

If your Motion Control needs are less complex, we can design a system using pneumatic actuators with simple sequencing from the position information supplied by limit switches. Or we can use an inexpensive Embedded Microcontroller for sequencing, monitoring and other sensing. In highly sophisticated applications, system monitoring and control can be linked to a desktop PC and programmed in a high level language for absolute control versatility.

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