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    Cris Hawkins Consulting was founded in May of 1985. It was the intention of Cris Hawkins to create a company that would stand alone in the breadth of it's capabilities. As you can see from this website, his intention has not only been realized, but is continually expanding.

    Cris Hawkins himself has a broad range of capabilities. He got his start as a Modelmaker and Machinist working for NASA while in college. After graduation he worked for a Medical Instrument Company where he got his first opportunity to make Plastic Injection Molds. From there he went to work for a new "Start Up" company called Compumotor. At Compumotor Cris put together the Machine Shop, purchasing tooling and machinery. He also began Product Development of a VR Stepper Motor Design. Early on, Cris was the only "mechanical" person at Compumotor. He learned about Motion Control Systems and developed Automation Machinery for winding and testing motors. During this time Cris became a Mechanical Engineer.

    Shortly after Cris founded Cris Hawkins Consulting in 1985, he got contracts that required him to expand the capabilities of the company. These new capabilities included fluency with AutoCAD®, the understanding of Embedded Microcontrollers and Assembly Language programming, PC Board Layout and Electronics Development including Surface Mount Technology.

    Cris continues to expand the capabilities of Cris Hawkins Consulting. His positive attitude is felt throughout the company and with everyone associated with it.

5034 Inglewood Drive
Langely, WA   98260

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