In these days of high labor costs and intense business competition, automation is an important part of lowering manufacturing costs. Cris Hawkins Consulting began in 1985 by building assembly machinery to automate the assembly of a Medical I.V. Pump. Since that time, we have made machinery of varying complexity. We have designed and constructed machinery to automate the assembly of Microwave Integrated Circuits, automate the assembly of Catheters for a prominent Medical Supply Company, made machinery to package Pharmaceutical Drugs and to assemble a washer to a nut. The control of these machines ranged from the use of a Desktop PC to monitor and control the process, to Embedded Microcontrollers or simple sequencing via micro switches.

If you have a need for automation in the manufacture of your product, we can help. We have experience in a wide range of applications and can find a creative solution to your manufacturing problem.

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